Portable Steam Sauna


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– Ready in minutes
– Quick and easy to set up and use
– Highly portable;
– Refund in a practical, compact size;
– Larger bathtub size for a fatter and stronger person.

A. Bathtub
B. Steam
C. Steam hose
D. Air pump

Instructions for use:

1. Open the colored box carefully and take out all the components in the packing box.
2. Unfold the sauna bathtub, connect the “air inlet” hole with the foot pump, then step on for about 1 minute until the air cylinder is inflated, but feel it by hand so as not to overfill the air.
3. Then connect it with a white pin so that the air is kept inside to support the tub without glue.
4. Fill the vaporizer with fresh water up to the watermark line. When using Aroma oil sauna, put a drop of Aroma oil in the water. When taking a herbal sauna, please put a herbal sachet in its entirety.
5. Connect the steam bath with the steam hose, be careful that the hose fits tightly.
6. Insert the plug into a suitable socket and switch on the network. The POWER light will turn on.
7. Turn the TIMER knob to 5 minutes, when steam is being produced, turn the TIMER again for the desired time. Normally 20 ~ 30 minutes are preferred.


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